A. Forbesi, the common sea star, are dying out in New England and possibly along the east coast. Help us figure out why and how to save them!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My A. forbesi: observations on 6/14

Checked starfish; found the one that had been missing
One, over the past few days, slowly shed its arms and died, but had no symptoms of the "disease“
The one that had been missing now has some spines missing, and every spine is surrounded with the white dots, which are now even scattered throughout the flesh in between the spines
Plans for A. forbesi:  take the white spots and look at them under a microscope; control = spines/flesh without the spots
Unfortunately on 6/16 the starfish disappeared again and was later found dead in the filter L so I now need to collect some more to do this experiment

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